Views and Preferences on Kite charts

Me and a friend use a common laptop to trade, both of us have different IDs. I use technical indicators and have multiple saved views and candle preferences. But if I log in after my friend does, when I open my charts, his saved views are and preferences are applied on my charts, and my saved views is not seen?

When you save preferences on your charts, it is saved on the cloud (i.e our servers) and also locally on your browser.

There are scenarios here if your internet connection is slow or due to other technical issues, if the preferences can’t be fetched from the cloud, it will be fetched from your browsers local data.

If the preference fetch request fails, the chart will read preferences from local storage, and in this case, local storage belonged to the previous ID logged in, which was your friends.

Also, for Views, after saving a View, you should either click on save preferences or wait 30 seconds with the charts open, in order for it to be saved.