Views on upcoming events for Market

The fed could hike rates tomorrow. I believe there could be some selloff due to this. latter part of December usually sees fund managers book profits for year end. US mkt is in super bubble territory and waiting to fall. I believe the dow could lose about 500 points. There is also the Gujarat result risk. If Bjp wins by s narrow margin mkts could react. All in all only see many reasons for mkt to fall. What you guys think?:scream::scream::scream:

Markets should not react much if bjp wins narrowly bcuz bjp has been in power there continuously & market makers are aware of GST issues, partidars votes, & anti incumbency for bjp.
So overall, if bjp still manages to retain power, it will be seen as a positive outcome but yes don’t expect markets to rally as like after the winning of Uttar pradesh state elections.

If bjp losses, markets may break but the correction wont last that much.