Virat Kohli X 16.66 = Nikhil Kamath

In case if you haven’t noticed, Virat Kohli and Nikhil Kamath have had similar experiences, considering their age and passion for the field that they’re interested in. Both of them started their career at (almost) the same age, but the one who read more books is now 16 times richer than the other.

Virat Kohli Nikhil Kamath
Age 32 33
Net worth $ 93 Million $ 1.55 billion
Industry Sports Capital market
Career started 18 years old 17 years old
Interests Workout, travel Chess, Books, Poker and Riding

I think Kohli started playing in childhood, at 17-18 he became international player.While I Guess Nikhil started trading at around 17.
Btw @nithin is that 1.5 billion figure comprised from notional stock value of your company,right? If you don’t mind can you share how much approx trading profits your brother has generated for himself which would be real cash ,not notional value.

Kohli was captain of U19 WC winner team and he didn’t learn batting within 1 year

Yeah, the net worth is based on the notional value of Zerodha. I don’t think is the right measure, especially when as Zerodha we haven’t raised any money or plan to raise any money in the future.

He has done almost 50% compounded over the last 10+years. But it is tough to maintain as the size of the portfolio keeps becoming bigger.


@nithin Sir, 50% compounded is just insane!!! I didn’t know that much is even possible. Sir please ask Nikhil sir to share his insights as to how he achieved that much return. It just seems impossible.

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Any plan to feature on market wizards😀I remember that jack happens to be friend of yours as well.


Yeah, it is quite insane. It is tougher to do now with a larger AUM, so need to see how he does over the next few years. An interview with him has been pending. @siva @Bhuvan maybe we should do it this week? :slight_smile:


Ah yeah, spoke to Jack for his latest Market Wizards book. I don’t know if he has finalized on all the ones he is going to feature yet.


interesting ! both the brothers @nithin & @nikhil are really great…really proud of them. it would help the investor community if Nikhil can share his experience, strategy ideas…

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Does he make use of leverage? He did state once that leverage should be utilised as little as possible but it’s not like he said that it should be eliminated entirely. So, I am just asking.

why not , everyone uses leverage whether his is involved in markets or not , traders ,businessmen ,investors etc make use of it in one form of another. Do you think that he or anybody else made 50% by just buying stocks with full margin.
On a lighter note whole economy is debt ridden , currency is being created out of nothing specially in counties like US which in other words is excessively leveraged without margin of error which you can see in form of negative yields too.

Will set this up.

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Can you do it live on YouTube, where the questions are picked from the audience?

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Haven’t decided the format yet. Will discuss and see what works


That’s great returns !
All are positional traded ? or F&O ? At least the breakdown would be great which contributed to max returns

That’s literally what I am patronisingly told everyday by a variety of market participants.

The better question is: is Virat Kohli = STOCKFISH