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Is it possible to share the visitor analytics of No need to show the actual numbers but it could be a chart showing month on month percentage change. Suddenly I realised this could be a great contrarian indicator. Generally retail traders flee when markets hit bottom and pile on at market tops. Cud be useful all your users.

Other statistics @nithin said he will release are

  1. % of traders successful in zerodha on monthly or yearly basis
  2. % retail traders who only trade FnO

There you go, from google analytics

Btw, I guess you can check out similarweb for any website.

About profitable traders, I will share info soon. We are waiting on a bunch of things to come up on, we start sharing interesting insights.

Around 25% of our daily active clients trade only F&O.



Hmm… Just as I expected the visitor numbers are falling. Probably I will request for updated analytics by may/June next year (2019). I am gonna watch this statistics and Mutual fund monthly inflow /outflow closely.

I did not know about similarweb. Thanks once again

@nithin Out of Interest, Are Brokerage House Revenue and New Account Sign Up’s Positively co-related to Market Performance ? Just a YES or NO would do. If its too much of a sensitive information, you can ignore this question.

Don’t know if you saw this post of mine



Brokerage companies are probably the highest beta companies out there. :slight_smile:



I am jealous. :blush:

One French Finance Minister long ago said US enjoys Extraordinary Privileges because USD is world’s reserve currency.

I am telling u r enjoying extraordinary privileges in trading because u are the biggest brokerage with large number of active clients. U can have access to so much data that cud be leading indicators.

IF u want to offer some of these data for subscription, I will subscribe to it.

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Everything is lagging, so makes for good conversation over coffee, don’t know if anything more. We are planning to put most of what is allowed to be put up by regulators for free.


Thanks. Cheers

Thanks for Sharing these Interesting Insights.

That would be nice of you. Thanks.

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Cool… Data on behaviour of active retail traders will be the best USP for Zerodha because no other brokerage would be able to match it as they dont have numbers. :hugs:

I am no expert but I would like to suggest the following

  1. A better desk top platform. A MT4 linked to Zerodha trading account would do.
  2. Social trading .Allowing newbie retail traders to copy experienced traders. (something like “etoro” forex broker)