Highlights Aug 2017 -Aug 2018 for us at Zerodha

Aug 15th was our 8th anniversary and we had an office party to celebrate. During my talk with the team, my PPT had a bunch of interesting slides. Many on our team were asking for it, sharing some of it here as it might be interesting information for everyone.

We are 80% of all the other top 4 brokerages combined on google search.

Total unique clients added between Aug 2017 to Aug 2018

50% of the other top 4 brokerages

80% of our client base is under 37 years of age and over 50% first time investors

Client addition monthly vs Nifty midcap - dependency for a brokerage firm on market performance is extreme.


Congratulations @nithin and hope journey continue
I might have helped to open more than 30 accounts of my friends family and colleagues here in Surat.
Also teach them using Kite, orders, stocks.


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The co-relation with Nifty Midcap is epic :joy:

Congratulations on the awesome achievements!

It says that 0.05 % are under 18. How can they open a trading account in the first place ?

Those are Demat accounts, allowed for minors.