Vodafone idea share price for long run

What about Vodafone Idea share in long run ??

I love the share but there’s just one uncertainty, What if it’s goes belly up? Other than that there’s no issue, yeah the books and losses are all F***** up pretty bad but that’s why it’s so cheap. If anyone can guarantee that Vodafone Idea isn’t going to shut shop in the future, I would gladly close my eyes and buy it for long term but until that thing is settled strictly positional and intraday even if I have to close the positions in loss. :neutral_face:

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Vodafone CEO is trying , playing games!! to close the Indian operation of Vodafone Idea , its really Riskyy! stock , there are many stocks for ex South Indian Bank , you can trade in bulk volume

Yeah, there’s no doubt Proxy firms are involved as the volatility is extremely high and it’s the retailers who are trapped.

if any one want to make money we have lot of opportunists now available ,

When dowjones touch 30k, warren went to tennis club to play a games , on that times he is sitting mammoth cash ,still he is sitting mammoth cash , the same kind of crises happen in usa in 1929 and 1968 there is lot of jobloss , market are crashing anything like that ,warren invest on that time in cocacola and american express , bank of america and so on , now he is sitting in trillion of dollars , his dividend income are in millions ,

i am a trader, but i am working for money only. if you are a trader you are working for money only , money is not working for you , i am also building my portfoilo to money need work for me .
but for warren money is working for him safely , whatever crash and so on the dividend they will get Mommouth dividend , i want to be like that business , i am building slowly my portfolio in this crises , i think nifty will come down to 5.5k to 6k also i will invest heavily there

always see the geniune people , why i am telling is ," geniune business people will never act like a hero " Benjamin

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can you please give citation for this?