Volume in stock before 9AM

There was a volume of 2,24,000 on National Peroxide Stock and this volume was shown at 8.55A.M. and after market opened the volume was still there. But there is no volume candle of that much volume neither in BSE website or Zerodha Kite Chart so when does that trade happened? Was it before 9AM?? Is it possible?

I am attaching screenshots taken from NSE NOW as well as Zerodha Kite at 8.55AM around and both show a volume of 224000.

That volume is yesterday’s total volume traded. It gets refreshed to zero as and when the markets open again.

yesterday volume of NatPerox was 79045 and also volume is showing in only that stock and not in any other.

Ohh ok. @siva can you pls

Maybe a stray tick from exchange, can ignore.

if this is from exchange, then how does exchange know that the same quantity is to be traded afterwards? I am trying to ignore this, but cannot digest the fact that volume is showed before market opened and same quantity is also traded later on

I will check it but need sometime, many things are going on now, also I think it won’t add any value putting time on it, I believe it is one of those stray ticks which can be ignored,but yeah give me some time to clear your query.

Volume in preopen is just real volume but just probable volume, the real open and volume will be displayed after 9.07 only.

Check this.

No, till 9.07 there will be no trade.

It happened again in Valiant Organics Stock. Again volume of 36500 was showing at 8.55 in the morning. What is this? Why does it keep happening again and again.VALI 1

Not sure why you are bothered about these if the same is showing across brokers,I think these maybe stray ticks sent by exchange for illiquid or scrips not traded a day before.

@Aditya_Gupta hey which broker is allowing NSE NOW ?