Volume shockers scanner

How can I create a scanner for volume shockers(the current day volume is higher than the average volume of the last 5 days)?

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Use chartink … Cn anyone suggest any other website except chartink? In case chartink is down any day

@Market_Monarchs Check out the image below to learn how to create conditions for the volume shockers:

@Varun_Katyal You can use the Streak platform to create a scanner for the volume shockers and also take the scanner live.

You can reach us by mailing us at [email protected] if you wish to subscribe to our platform.

I get volume shockers in the shoonya app so didn’t try creating them on my own. Why don’t you check chartink if volume shockers are not available with your broker?

So i need that current vl greater thn past 330days n 440 days avg vol in live mrkt

What wud be the condition?

@Varun_Katyal You can follow the previous condition and keep on adding the ‘volume’ indicator with offsets till 330 and then divide it by 330.

However, it will be a long condition. Hence, you can assume that there are around 252 trading days in a year or 12 months and another 4 months to add up to get to 330 trading days. You can then take the monthly average volume instead of the daily volume. Check out the conditions below:

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