Volume shockers

Hi all,
I want to find out if current days volume(only EOD) is greater than the average volume for last 4 days.Also i want the ratio for both of them(average vs current day’s volume).

Can you please guide me on this.

I could help you with this. Volcano Strategy? But, what’s with the ratio? How are you planning to use it?

@guru24 ,
yes this is for the volcano strategy and the ratio is only to filter the top 2 or 3 stocks having a good spike in volume compared to the rest.

See if this can serve ur purpose…

Here current eod volume is 2.5 times avg vol of last 4 days for those stocks in fno section
2.5 no. can b tweaked and can b increased or decreased but it’s more or less a good filter
Hope its useful…


Thanks a lot.This will definitely help me…

Volcano strategy ? :joy: Chota class

you could use following scanner http://www.moneycontrol.com/stocks/marketinfo/mktcalc.php

:slight_smile: OffCourse

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There is a screener on bigpaisa.com

It also has option of screening on the basis of volume.
Volume greater than last 20 day avg .
greater by 100% / 200 % / 400 %

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