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Hi sir, I hope you are doing great. Sir, I am a 24 Yr. old super ambitious man. I also have to climb success steps like you before turning 35. I love trading (Can trade 24/7) and learning it for the last 2.5-3 yrs and have had to do something around it. I belong to a lower-middle-class family but have to become a Billionaire like you and have to break a record like Nikhil Sir.
My question is how did you guys do it? and What advice do you have for me?



Wrong goal @Ajinkya.

The idea is to be curious and learn about many things. Hopefully, find something that you love to do and keep getting better at it. Not everyone can do everything, so if you find that you are doing something you aren’t good at, move on and not be married to it. If you keep doing this and getting better, and people around you want you to do well (being a decent human being), maybe someday, the goddess of luck will smile at you, and you make some money. Even if you didn’t make the money, you’d have done justice to your life.

Many people say that they love trading, almost everyone I speak to. But the question is, how good are you at it? I love playing music and basketball, but it doesn’t mean I can become a professional musician or basketball player and become financially successful.

I have said this before, trading isn’t just trading stocks; it is about trading your time. It is about trading your time to put your efforts in something that can give you the most outsized return with a risk profile that you can live with rationally.

Nikhil was a better stock trader than I was, so he continued trading while I attempted to build the Zerodha business when we started. If you track me on Tradingqna, you’d understand that I like interacting and building communities online, which is a skill more suited to build a business. This is how I have always been and hence the idea of Zerodha even came by.

It is almost impossible to become a billionaire in a lifetime just by trading stocks if you come from a middle-class family. The billionaire tag we get is because of the notional valuation of Zerodha. There aren’t tens of thousands of crores sitting in our bank accounts. :slight_smile: The valuation of Zerodha could go up and down very quickly based on market conditions. Hence both of us don’t take this billionaire tag seriously.

Of course, there are a few billionaire traders in developed countries who started with nothing. But most of them got to their first $10 to $100 million doing something else. To trade and make money, you need first to have the money.

What I said may not be the answer you were looking for, but I think this is the reality. And, of course, I might be wrong as well.


Thank you sir for your reply. Whenever I used to think like above, somewhere my heart was not accepting the way but in life, all we want is validation from a person who is already at your dream place. I took a screenshot of your answer and will read it whenever such thoughts will come to mind.


@nithin This is the best advice that a young trader starting out fresh can get. It should be read by every budding trader. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes every lower middle class youth has the potential to explore stock trading with minimal investment and aim for six figure income in long run. I talk about it in details here in my thread:

Focus on what you want and where you want to be in your life and work hard on it. You’ll reach your dream in next 5yrs for sure… :blush::+1:

Arre bhai bhai bhai :grimacing:

Only God and liars make 10% profit a day consistently and I’m not sure about the first one.

Anyways - Wishing you all the best for your surgical precision strategy. But kind request, don’t post something which gives unrealistic expectations to normal traders.

Once again, wishing you best wishes for your trading journey.

Saying “execute trades with surgical precision and become a billionaire” is like saying “be a genius and become a great scientific inventor.”

Most traders may not be interested in transformation of thinking and improving trading performance.

Only traders with exceptional appetite to develop their trading skills will see value in what I am saying.

Yes, basically I am talking about exceptional trading skills and nothing else.

this i am going to print and keep above my monitor! hope it will inspire me

The aim is to develop trading skills out of passion for trading, not out of greediness for money.

It is very easy to misunderstand me than understand me.

Probably many traders are looking for a secret trading technique to become rich.

That’s why even when i repeat the word “skill” a thousand times they are not getting it.

Guys there is no secret trading technique. Period.

Trading is an art and like any other art (music, dance, painting, creative writing, etc) it takes months or even years to master it

Trading stocks is definitely not a get rich scheme.

It took me around ten years to create my own price action that I shared in this thread.

Even if someone shares a great strategy with us, we need skills to understand it properly and execute it accurately.

Interesting take.

Although, I think if everyone starts doing the same thing, it’s less likely to work.

The edge is in places where no one is looking.

There is no proof that a technique won’t work if many people use it. Infact there is an opposite idea of it too.

At the least one can use any technique until it works.

It’s a negative sum game. If everyone is doing the same thing, then money is just changing hands. One day person A makes money, second day person B makes money. And vice versa.

Most traders believe that if many use the same indicators combination then it will be more profitable.

You are saying it is the opposite. Many people using same technique will kill the edge.

Only a team of data scientists can prove such things.

My simple suggestion is use any technique until it works for you.

Print this as well and keep in your desk :stuck_out_tongue:

"Non rich retail traders must develop chart reading skills that help them DOUBLE THEIR INVESTMENT EVERY MONTH. "

THEORETICALLY speaking options trading on Index can yield 10% to 20% everyday which results in multiplying the investment around FIVE to TEN TIMES a month.

I am very reasonable to say DOUBLE the investment.

If we think it is almost impossible it is only because our willingness to develop that level trading skills is missing.

“Stunts are performed by trained professionals, Please do not try at home!” @Rajeshueck :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

YES…that’s why I said THEORETICALLY!

@Rajeshueck Kindly read again! :innocent:

On realistic expectations I must not talk about multiplying the investment.

Same goes with six figure income, millionaire and billionaire.

Or speak about the possibility because new traders will be mislead.

I will try not to give unrealistic expectations about options trading.

Thanks for pointing it to me.

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