Want to automate trading using KIte or PI


I am basically a java developer. Interested in automating the trades using kite or PI.

Can some one help me in doing this?

When i read the kite document, they need some redirect URL. I don’t have any website hosted as such to do redirect.

is it possible to call the rest api has a standalone java application ?

To automate trades or execute trades via algorithms/programs, you require to be an authorized person with Zerodha and also get an exchange approval for automation(which Zerodha can help you get). You will also require access to Kite APIs to build a layer over our exchange-approved trading platform for which you will require a Kite Connect developer account. The APIs can be used to build a smart layer over Kite, just like smallcase and balance have built using APIs. The use of APIs is limitless and it will depend on your intention of programming. Write to ‘[email protected]’. They’ll gear you up with more info.


Yes you can automate trading. You need to take API key and other details from kite trade. Next you have to create a code which will send and receive orders. Like buy or sell order depending on your strategies. I have achieved Pivot Point and will be working on Pivot-Fib and Camarilla next week.


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Thanks for the info Bro. I will send a mail to [email protected] for more details

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Thanks for the info Bro. One more Question, assume i have the kite apikey and have created a sample code. Do i need a redirect url? and if yes what would be the Redirect url(will it be my kite login url?)

When i login to the kite connect, it is asking to create an app, which requires a redirect URL

All these queries have been answered on the Kite Connect Forum. Any further queries you can post them there.

Yes URL is needed for communication between two IPs/server. URL can be of any server or your dedicated IP address.

For a developer like you there are a Host of alternatives, particulary if you are looking at the Zerodha PI approach.

Check out on this program to give you a preview of automating the NSE NOW trading terminal. This however uses Autoit and not Java.


If you want a quick intro to automating the Zerodha PI terminal, check this: This again uses Python, although I would recommend C# and .Net for automating the Zerodha PI terminal.



I know using API, we can automate whole trading using APIs provided by Zerodha by paying montly Subscription.
But, Using my script, i am able to buy or sell order on Zerodha WEBUI. As i am interacting with UI not with API, I hope its legal no need to check with Zerodha.

Only thing i am doing from my script, if i place Bracket Order manually, it may take 20 sec, my script will do it for me in 3 to 5 secs thats only benefit i am getting.

As im new to trading, i am not able to tell my script where to entry where to exit for a particualr stock.

What are the best ways to predict the patterns(RSI, MACD, BVO) which gives me best option?