Want to change SIP amount for AMC SIP in Coin

Hello, I have an AMC SIP of Rs.3K/Month in SBI Small Cap.

I want to increase the monthly SIP amount it to 5K/Month.

Whats the process ? Delete the existing SIP and create a new one as we cannot modify because of AMC SIP ?

AMC SIP seems cannot modify in Coin. Recently i have just delete and create new SIP with updated amount

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You have to delete and create new AMC SIP

My great suggestion: Small caps are very volatile. Keep the allocation very low

Here are the simple recommedations for a greater equity portfolio:

  • More than 60% should be towards large caps
  • 30-40% in midcaps
  • 5 -10% in smallcaps (if you really want to have)

Now how to the point,

  • For large caps, good for Nifty 50/Nifty 100 index fund
  • Rest, you can go for a Flexicap which is not large cap biased (e.g., PGIM flexicap, UTI flexicap)
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As @Nathiarasan mentioned, don’t increase SIP for small caps.
Always better to have Flexi caps like PGIM flexicaps which has mid/small caps exposure instead of having pure smallcaps