Want to implement automated trading through excel for spread trading. Please guide me (provide code for link) how to integrate with zerodha pi or kite

For spread trading I develop a formula in excel. Want to auto update excel sheet with 1 min interval with auto buy sell as per indication. For this I want code to connect excel with zerodha & spread trading system.

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It is possible to trade from excel with Excel macros program and can generate signals also can fire orders into pi with the help pi bridge , the complete socket documentation is available in q.zerodha.com/pi , “pi bridge documentation for programming” for detailed explanation with example

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Kite Connect for Excel that’ll let you analyse and trade from Excel sheets

Refer https://kite.trade/forum/discussion/852/kite-connect-for-excel-3rd-party-library

You can use PiBridge to integrate with Pi.
Refer this link PiBridge For Excel