Want to know if this is possible in GTT like I want to have 2 triggers

Basically I want to keep a trigger at a certain level lets say a pivot level of a share. So If it reaches that level lets say 400 then it will trigger and then if it go up I want to buy.
Now the problem with the simple. Trigger at 400 and buy at 420 might result in one thin candle where when the stock price is still at 400 my order gets executed because someone had a put a sell at 420.
Then the stock price may fall after that.
So How do I put the buy price only after it reaches 410 or at 419 buy at market price.

Now this is assuming the stock opened at and 450 and is consolidating there going down slowly.
So if I set a trigger at 410 or 419 it might trigger when it is falling which I don’t want for obvious reasons.
So is this really possible in GTT in Zerodha? Just using the whats there in the Kite app.