Want to learn about stocks

I am very new to the stock market.I had seen many videos about the stock in YouTube but none of them are not explaining in depth unless we need to subscribe to Thier paid course.its made me to think one should get knowledge about the stocks should be only rich.

Kindly suggest me some pages/channels/books to learn about stock markets from the beginning to end.i am not afford to pay their online courses which is cost around 40,000 INR.I am a student from engineer college.

You can start reading Varsity.

Thanks for your suggestions… Do let me know if anything to be added after varsity completion.

Read Varsity in depth.

Then do paper trading (not real, to get a feel of the market) viz a simulator. Never try real trading until you completely read the modules in there and have your doubts clarified in the forum.

Paying for courses is not worth. It’s my personal belief. I started with Zerodhas varsity app. Rest all shit

@anon99108009 so how was your trading journey ???
would appreciate if you share some tips from your experience

It’s been 3 years. I begin with youtubers from all around the world, following, viewing 100’s of videos, then finally a “Finishing touch came from varsity”. It’s up to individual how each drive their cars. Some are rash, some are pretty cool some disgusting. Same way, start slowly, with buying less quantity, At least a year experience good to take high financial decisions.

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I advice not to pay single penny to anyone. Open Kite account, buy CNC product. Keep observing markets whether you participate or not. Just observe every day’s moments for a year then later take decisions. For an year i didn’t do anything, later started. For 2 years i went through losses. Now I’m stable! It was very tough for me to earn 100 bucks at those times.

Today, At any moment, any time, anywhere i can spin few bucks like blink of an eye.

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