Want to transfer my account to another broker

I’m just fed up with Zerodha services and want to switch broker.
Just wondering can I get my all holding on my new account? Are there any charges to transfer your holding one broker to another? How to initiate this process and how much time would it take?


If one more issue occurs i will transfer too.

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There are 2 ways you can go and most of the investors go with first way which is opening a trading account with another broker of your choice where demat account is also compulsory .the other choice is having a trading account with broker and demat account with a cooperative bank /stock holding corporation etc.
there is no charge for closing the account with one broker and opening the account with another except rs 100 stamp paper agreement.YES there will be charges from moving your demat shares from one demat account to another in an offline mode.

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if technical from zerodha remains same, it will be downtrend for fastest leading brokerage.


Initiate closure cum transfer to save on transfer cos, btw who are you switching to?

Not decided yet… But most probably Sharekhan


I have faced many technical issues with the platform. I have just used it for a month. I have no holdings as of now. What do you suggest ? Should I move out as well ?

I know its a personal preference. I don’t know how will be other brokers. The only issue with Zerodha at present is its beta platform which is creating nuisance.

Its better to do some research about other Brokers and get feedbacks from users (Im also doing same).
Many of mine friend suggested me Sharekhan. They are happy with its services but charges are quite high comparative to Zerodha.
And Plz keep updating about your research/feedback outcomes so we also get benefited.

Well not really sure which would I choose. But as of now I’ve very positive feedback for Sharekhan.

If you are an Investor planning towards any retirement goals, Zerodha will be a one stop solution for all your saving and investment requirements in the years to come.

From an Investors perspective , Zerodha has all the resources integrated into one login ID and platform to make life stress free.

However, if you are facing technical issues, this will be in regard to your day-trading needs. Most day-trading needs are short lived anyway.

What you can do is, open just a trading account with another broker ( link your Zerodha demat to it) and try it out.

Moving out permanently from Zerodha is not a wise choice.


problem is here ,thats why people moving to other brokers,missing data for daily chart,they have only 4 months something data , charts and indicators doesnot bothers me ,i hardly need chart for trading,about 90% i dont use the the chart to take trade,i use only money management

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i have no idea about others brokers also no problems with zerodha either…

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It is there in upstox since 2016

This is because Zerodha kite does’nt have continuous charts for Futures contracts. If they can put continuous charts for Futures then this problem will be solved. Pi has introduced continuous charts for Futures but the problem there is that the time frame for the continuous chart has been fixed only to a Daily time frame, can’t see 1hr, 30min, 15min, 1 week, etc on the continuous chart!

Is upstox safe? I was thinking of opening another account with another discount broker for trading Bank Nifty Options which has almost become impossible with Zerodha as they keep rejecting orders due to breaching the 15% OI limit. Are Bank Nifty OTM Option orders going through in upstox?

For this one should rather have an account with Full service brokers like ICICI. Because brokerage wont matter in such cases.

ALL integrated. Along with Headache, tension, D. M., Rude and Manner less people also integrated in a package. You know what, I haven’t yet seen a marwari business owner who talks back to his customers in case of any complaints. He may not compensate the customer, he may not replace the defective product making one excuse or another, he may make full use of credulity of gullible customers. BUT HE WONT TALK BACK. As if sugar in his mouth.

LoLz sir. Just respecting your online persona.

Completely agree with this. But take any opportunity if 0 AMC and account opening is offered.

300-400 rs toh aise hi kharch ho jate hai. :wink:

I don’t trade in options as of yet.
But Upstox is like much more advanced, more facilities younger sibling of zerodha. I haven’t faced any problems with them, YET.

Sharekhan service,assistance and Trade tiger software is awesome but charges are way too high that is the main problem. if u are an investor it wont matter to you, but for a trader charges are way too high.

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