How do I transfer shares from one demat account to another?

Can you explain the procedure in detail?

If you want to transfer share from one broker to another you need to submit a DIS slip (Delivery Instruction Slip). Here is the process.

  1. Transferring shares from a different DP to Zerodha.
    In this case, you need to fill up their DIS slip and submit it to them along with the CMR copy of Zerodha. So for ex, if are transferring shares from Motilal Oswal to Zerodha, you need to fill up the DIS slip of MOSL and submit it to them. From the time of submitting the slip, the process usually takes anywhere between 2-4 days. You just need to submit the CMR copy of Zerodha or in some case just the DP number of Zerodha.

  2. Closure and transfer: In case you want to close the other demat and transfer the shares to Zerodha, you need to submit a CMR copy (Client Master Report). So if you are closing the Motilal Oswal account and transferring the share to Zerodha, you need to submit the CMR copy of Zerodha to MOSL.Note: You need to submit the hard copy of the CMR copy. To get it you need to send us an email and it will be duly sealed/signed and couriered to you.

If you are transferring from Zerodha to a different broker: In this case, you need to submit the DIS slip of Zerodha to them and the shares will be transferred. To get a DIS slip you need to send us an email and we will courier one to you.

Check this thread to find out more about DIS and how to fill it.


Is it correct that there are no charges for transferring shares from my zerodha acc to my xyz demat account, if I close my zerodha account?

That’s correct but why would you ever close your Zerodha account? :wink:


So does it mean in case someone closes Demat Account with Zerodha, all shares would be transferred to another demat account without any fees? For example, Zerodha stated on phone that even while closing account, transfer of shares will incur charge of 0.03% or Rs. 25, whichever is higher (as per Scheule-A Tariff Structure) per script. Please clarify!

Hello All,

Did any one got Share transferred from HDFC Security to Zerodha , and what was the cost of it ?

Whether mutual funds will also get transferred along with shares after filling DIS or CMR?

Hi team,
What is the taxation in case of DP Transfer? Is transfer considered as off-market transaction?

Useful info. I have shares in another DP(NSDL).So,I need to use Inter Depository Slip to transfer my shares to my Zerodha a/c.which is registered with CDSL…
I hope I am correct


I hold shares in Karvy and my father is seconder holder. Now my status has been changed to NRI. Can you please guide me how to transfer those shares.

I hold Individual account with Karvy and my father is Indian residant. I hold NRE-NRI account in Zerodha.

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You can refer to this post: Account holders of Karvy

I read this article. But can you explain me being an NRI now having shares in Joint individual Demat account with my father, He being an indian resident. How can I transfer those shares to my NRI account. Not about the karvy issue, I just want to know in genaral.

My father have a demat account with another broker NSDL depository. I want to transfer that to my (Son) Zerodha account please tell us the process.

Please update anyone

You can follow the process given here.