Want to transfer my account to another broker

i have not seen Zerodha take any initiative do much for intraday/day/short term traders who are the main source of their income, instead they are focusing on investors to grow and giving them new toys, who by the way are not charged by zerodha. you cannot ignore the people who pay u for long or they will leave.

This is a perfect example of “Jis thali mein khate ho usi mein ched karna”:rofl::joy:

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I have experienced that the crowd here (and elsewhere) are very dumb and wont understand sarcasm.

Upstox is used by my friend & seems good. he is able to take positions with banknifty options which are all not allowed in zerodha plus bracket orders can be done with banknifty options…

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What nonsense! Nahin kisi ke thali me khate hai nahi koi ched karte hai…
We just avail the service of broker who in return makes money through brokerage… as simple as that!
If someone is not happy with service then he has all rights/options to chose another service provider to avail better services.

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Didn’t I tell you, people here and (almost everywhere on social media) are toooo dim witted to recognize highly intellectual figure of speech called SARCASM
@tanmay.t Bhai aap rehene do. Aap ko kuchh samajh me nai aaya. Sarcasm means aise baat karna ke teer kahi pe nishana kahi pe. Idhar Dork ne aapko nai kaha thali mein chhed karte hai etc. Actually Zerodha thinks so little of traders like these guys think ke saare traders ka ghar inke bharose chal raha hai. yeh dana pani dete hai traders ko. Aisa mai nai keh raha. Dork ka aisa matlab tha.

India mein Sarcasm ek Birbal ko samajh aati thi Aur Tenali Rama ko. Unke baad sab mand buddhi andhera hai. Nobody will get your sarcasms bro.
That’s why most Indian stand up comics will only di slapstick or below the belt jokes. High level of sarcasm avg indian ke dimag ke upar hai

Hey guys dont fight… Here is something to laugh. Meanwhile this conversation I got this (Probably from Zerodha)


Sardar dar gaya

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High chance that dvram is not talkin on behalf of Zerodha. He is simply stating facts. Every traders have pros and cons. Like nobody can beat zerodha charts in visual aspects. Upstox charts are sore to eyes and very hard to drag.
I haven’t seen a HTML5 platform as visually appealing as Zerodha.

That true … No brokerage firm is perfect but not addressing customer’s problem shows your egoism.

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How do you know Dork ka aisa matlab tha? Aap kya antaryaami hai? Or are you the same person using two handle IDs in this forum? I have read your posts in earlier topics, aap toh logo se sirf jhagra karte rehte hai… so no point in replying to you with more than 1 reply, I will simply waste my time and you will
simply enjoy the whole thing!

Yahi toh problem hai mere bhai. People wont get my sarcasm. Jaisa ki aapne Dork se jhagda shuuru kar diya What nonsense bol ke. Uska sense nikalne waale aap kon hote hai?
Okey, that things apart. Maine jab samjha ki longo ko sarcasm nai samjh mein aata hai, maine chhod diya. yahi baat dork ko bata raha tha.

bhai, antaryaami nahi hoon. Upar waale ne thodi akal di hai. uske kaaran uparodh naam ki vaani samajh mein aati hai.

And you literally spent time in reading all my previous posts and study my online persona!!!
I am flattered.
AFAIK i have “fought” only 4 times here.

  1. With Nithin and his select gang of stooges
  2. Some guy who faked as north indian lady.
  3. A Master pirate copy-cat who used to copy from various sources and made up a nice post here and garnered a huge following of Bhaktas.
  4. ???

This is my last post. Peace.

i have already mention that “” charts and indicators doesnot bothers me ,i hardly need chart for trading,about 90% i dont use the the chart to take trade,i use only money management""

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It was very nice to read all of the chats here. But didn’t get the meaning of the word

in the sentence

These kinds of chats make my day :joy::joy::joy::joy:


:joy::joy::joy: I thought its a Hindi word

@vijender88 you mean a Bear Market for Zerodha? :wink:

bit correction… Bullish market for others :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Also a hindi word. But kataksh is more used