Warning before a stock moves into BE (Book Entry) in NSE?

Yesterday, I purchased RELINFRA, thinking to sell today. But today it moved into Book Entry. I won’t be able to sell it. Is there any way, I can know before 1 day, when a stock moves into BE category? So I don’t buy it with 1 day view.


As of now, you can refer to exchange circulars. But we will try to figure a way.


When was this circular released? Was it released before market close yesterday? @Ragavendran_M


It’s released on September 08th eod.


@Ragavendran_M Do NSE also provide a CSV file that I can download daily to check for future Trade for Trade stocks?

Like I download daily bhav copy, fno blocked copy using a specific link automatically using a program. But for this, looks like I need to check NSE circulars daily manually.

Thank you.

Also, how many days before does NSE usually warn people before putting a stock in Trade for trade? Is there any rule or general pattern?

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NSE will send circulars mostly 2 days before the series change.

Going forward we will be showing nudge for the scrips moving to trade to trade category if we receive the circulars prior to the series change.


@Ragavendran_M Great feature. Do you also provide a CSV file for this nudge? I place orders via API. There is no way to fetch nudges via API for now.

Like you provide CSV file for MIS stocks allowed in google sheets.

You see the list of scrips (ISIN) moving from EQ series in our Zerodha website (Downloads and Resources).

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How true is the circular? I am keeping an eye on the news anyway!