Was there a price manipulation in Bank Nifty expiry today?

I was checking ITM chart of Bank nifty in the last 10 minutes of the day and at the same time I checked spot chart which was between 45400 - 45450.
Don’t you guys think that ITM should be higher than 0.05? Even the option chain was showing 45400 CE as ITM. Then how come the price was at 0.05?

Sorry if this is a dumb question. But, I am trying to learn options.

Weighted average gets calculated at 3.32 PM. Its the w.a for the last 30 min.

Biggies must have had their advanced calculators that predicted either a large gamma move or a rest. If spot had to rest, BN close price would get dragged below 45.4K, which eventually happened.

Suppose I am checking bnifty chart and my indicator signals to buy bnifty as per the chart and live price. And I bought 400 ce…then who is responsible for this manipulation and price difference? NSE or the broker?

last 30 min average price is consider at the time of settlement.

This is the expiration game… You alone will lose the whole long option value, and nobody else will.
This is only because of the weighted average calculations. If you are less confident, do not trade during the last 10 minutes of the expiration.

This has been happening since expiry was introduced.
Only you are responsible for -

  1. Not knowing how weighted average settlement works
  2. Buying an option about to expire in next 30 minutes

You can learn about weighted average closing. And better yet, don’t gamble on an option about to expire in 30 minutes. Buy an option that has some days left for expiry.

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