We have lots of charting softwares in the market like Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Metastock, Metatrader etc, Rank according to your preference

Tell me which is the most user friendly charting software taking into considerations like easy to use, writing codes and back testing

  1. AmiBroker


Haven’t used Meta trader or Ninja.

I have used Ninjatrader along with real time data feeds from Global Data Feeds(they are a data provider based in Nasik and partnered with Zerodha). I consider it the best charting platform for these reasons:

  1. Its completely free! Other charting platforms cost money.

  2. There are tons of free indicators and algorithmic strategies available for Ninjatrader.

  3. Ninjatrader strategies can be scripted using C#, which is not very difficult to learn(and there are thousands of ebooks and videos for C#, compared to AFL).

  4. Basic strategies can be scripted in Ninjatrader without the use or knowledge of C# programming.

  5. If someone wants to use Ninjatrader without paying anything at all(not even intra day real-time data feeds), there’s always the option to use EOD data from Yahoo Finance(yes its free as well).


Dear Abhijeet, pls elaborate method to use ninjatrader with free data feed. I mean how to setup etc.

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Metastock is more user friendly than Amibroker but lacks in features. You can start with Metastock and then migrate to Amibroker. Have not tried Metatrader and NinjaTrader yet so can’t say about them.

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  1. Amibroker 2) Metatrader 3) Ninjatrader 4) Metastock

Are you using it for automated trading? How well does it integrate with pi?

Ninjatrader does not integrate with Pi. In any case, retail traders can only use semi-automated algo trades. For fully automated trades, you need dealer terminal, which obviously I don’t have or use.

If, let’s say IF, NinjaTrader & Amibroker, both were free.
Which one would you suggest?

Simply add a new data connection, Yahoo. Then go to Yahoo finance India and add scripts. I will see if I can post pictures of the procedure here in this forum.

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Please contact www.globaldatafeeds.in and ask for remote desktop support(using Teamviewer). They will set up the data feed on your computer and give you a free fully-functional, 3-day trial. You would most likely be able to work on your own in Ninjatrader after that, but in case you still have any problems, their customer care is usually very helpful and always willing to provide remote support.

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