Webinar: How to trade options on budget day 2021

We have a really interesting webinar on trading options on the budget day with Prashant, Alok and Tanmay of QC Alpha and Abid from Sensibull. Do tune in at 2 PM.


Very well explained and excellent analysis.
Many retail traders search for all this data to understand what exactly happens, everyone should give a watch and understand it.

Don’t trade till 11.30 to 12 PM

From 12 PM to 1.30 PM, trade only if you are a fast trader and can understand directions quickly via price action analysis. Else observe the market.

Post 1.30 PM, take positions based on your inference of market sentiment & directional view and check whether it matches with your usual market setup else don’t take any positions by happily taking leave for the day :slight_smile:


this was great… :clap::clap: good to get some good insights…