Webinar on saving with direct mutual funds on Coin with Nithin Kamath

If you guys have any questions about Coin for @nithin please post them here. You can watch the video here.

Are there any disadvantages of keeping mutual funds in demat mode?

what the clauses attached to the revision of the subscription fee.? is there any plan to revise fee . I mean increasing it on yearly basis.

What are the difference between buying direct plan from coins and AMC/ Fund houses?
And if i have to transfer my Direct MFs that i have bought from Coins to same respective to fund house, is it possible to transfer?
I read on internet there is no any other charges including additional charges and yearly charges its totally free of cost if i buy direct plan from respective fund house but i know i face some difficulty like NACH Form and some facilities that coins provide i will not get it but if i buy Direct MFs from coins i have to give 50 Rs. PM after investment of first 25000 Rs, that 50 Rs. PM i don’t have to pay if i buy Direct MFs from respective fund house

@nithin This will be a very good platform to save the money.

As you mention starting 25k there is no commission and later its 50/- per month.

So if I start trading with coin today and I have plan to trade for 15 years from now so the total commission or money that I will be loosing after 25k investment is (15 years x 50) = 9000 INR… IS IT TRUE ?? or is there anything that i missed calculating ?


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Yes, that’s right. For comparison sake, on a SIP of ₹5000 / month over 25 years your corpus will be ₹1.36 Cr in a regular mutual fund compared to ₹1.64 Cr under a direct mutual fund. That’s a massive difference of ₹ 28 lacs (Assuming a CAGR of 15%).

When you are buying mutual funds directly from the fund houses, tracking them becomes a hassle. But with Coin, you can manage all your MF investments from a single dashboard.
Not only that you also have these benefits.

  1. Coin offers investing in direct mutual funds (we earn 0 commission from your investment) with the convenience of being in demat. So single portfolio across stocks, MF ( over 26 AMC’s and 2000 funds), ETF’s, Bonds etc.
  2. Easy SIP, start stop whenever you want without any NACH requirement. Increase or decrease SIP values at will.
  3. NAV tracking orders. Similar to stocks, place orders to purchase or redeem funds based on NAV.
  4. MF in demat form and hence fungible. Extremely easy to pledge and take a loan against in case of emergency.
  5. Single capital gain statement, P&L, visualizations, and more.
  6. MF or stocks in demat are much easier to claim by dependents (nominee of demat) in the case of death. Direct plans with multiple AMC’s would mean multiple folios, difficult to aggregate and claim. More

The fee is flat Rs 50 per month after your total investments cross Rs 25000. No conditions apply. :slight_smile:

@Bhuvan @nithin I’ve around 4 months of SIPs through mf.Zerodha in different funds. I don’t want to incur any short term capital gains tax/exit load but want to shift to the direct plan. Will it be a good strategy to stop the future SIPs (without exiting/redeeming) for indirect funds and subscribe to the direct mutual funds through Coin? And then maybe redeem them after a year.

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U are planning right.

@Bhuvan I got the difference. But my question is Zerodha will not charge more than 9000/- if I invest in SIP for 15 years … Is it TRUE or any conditions apply ?

Hi Nithin,
I watched the Coin video, it was good but how the amount will be credited to back to my account or zerodha account if i withdraw any one of or more Mutual fund which are not performing well. that you said in the video that by clicking delete button on coin platform, how many days will it takes to credit withdrawn amount from MF’/MF’s .

Ajay Patil

Hi Ajay,

The delete button in the SIP tab is to delete the mechanism of the SIP which you have created for a particular in case you do not want any further installments to go through in the future or if you wish to stop investing in the particular fund. If you delete, it does not mean that you sold the units.

If you wish to sell the units, then you need to click on the REDEEM button in your portfolio window for the particular fund and then the amount will be credited to your trading account as per the redemption settlement time of the fund (the settlement time will be shown in the redemption order window).

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That’s right, no other charges.

@Bhuvan I cannot delete one of the ongoing SIP in regular plan
so as an alternate i have paused the same . please help

Can I open a Coin account with my existing ICICI bank and demat a/c ? Or will Zerodha mandatorily open a new bank and demat a/c for Coin ?

Hey Sumit, that’s not possible. To invest in direct mutual funds on Coin you need to have a demat account with Zerodha

How can I find particular Mutual Fund that can be started with Rs-500/ SIP per month. Please help me how can I sort.

Well, have you selected the mutual fund you want to invest in?