Website for % Stock Returns

is there any website which shows the percent returns generated by stocks? Like for each year, quarter or from start of 2020 till now?
i see moneycontrol and ET but they only shows day-to-day price change.

FKnol has something similar for Indian stocks categorized sector-wise:

I particularly like their “Best Performing” pages - like shows Top Performing Oil and Gas Stocks of India,

and there is something useful for those tracking fundamental analysis indicators - like

Oterhwise, you can try free portfolio trackers at sites like rediff, put it the buy price as start of the year or quarter, and then keep track of it.
But remember there you will have to make all entries on your own - FKnol provides it readymade.

You can check out Tickertape.

wow this is really cool…exactly what i was looking to

lots of thx