Webull anyone heard of it?

Saw this on one of the groups… Any reviews?

Anyone using WeBull for US investing ?

Its a registered broker as per US regulator FINRA https://brokercheck.finra.org/firm/summary/289063 It appears they accept Indian accounts now. Best part is no minimum deposits, no charges !

Kind of like robinhood but Indians can participate in it.

I am planning to open an account there. It asks for PAN and voter ID. The only concern I have is its a Chinese firm having US presence.

Kindly let me know if someone is using them already and how are the process and rules

BTW they dont have any trading website. Everything is just via APP. !! Search for WeBull in playstore

Interesting proposal from We Bull. They seem to mainly aim Indian traders. I see quite a lot of INR pairs which is not offered by other forex brokers.

They are lending margin money at 7% and no commissions and other fees. Webull lends money to traders to trade/take position. Will the trade still be considered as margin based trading??

I have created account so far no problem.
But it is weird in many levels .

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If this is true then its really useful. I think lots of people would like to purchase US securities from India

did anyone create account in we bull from india
if yes please let us know the procedure

Non-US deposit - $12.5
Non-US withdrawal - $45

This fees is a bummer for me.

Is anyone trading in FnO in webull from India?

I don’t think that’s legal

It definitely is legal. Many Indian startups like Vested allow you to invest/trade in the NYSE.

Even fno?