Weekly Banknifty 16 Nov Expiry - Views/Trade ideas



Lets get together to track and discuss the Bank nifty everyday until the upcoming expiry.

Personally I feel Bank Nifty is showing some strength today on the way it pulled back and got some 25500 CE. Also, the OI drastically increased at the end of today’s session.

Kindly Bank Nifty 25500CE 09 Nov - Nov 16 ExpiryShare your thoughts on this friends.

P.S: I am not a novice trader and been trading for the past 6 months and eroding my capital swiftly. Looking forward to learn and improve on my trading skills. Hope this thread helps.

Weekly trading diary: November Week 3, Profit/Loss for 13 Nov - 17 Nov 2017

Not to forget that we have SBI’s results as well tomorrow.




As expected, Bank nifty peaked today and initially the rally was dormant. I was not patient enough to wait until it peaked to 224 Rs. Exited early. But put option helped me earn 2K while the down pour started


@Srinivas Your thoughts on this you would be interesting to watch here :slight_smile:


my view is that it may rise for some 100-200 points next week and then settle around 25500.


Any concrete reason for that buddy. Just trying to understand how you figure this out.


RSI dropped down a little bit and Volatility increased a bit today. Got a open position of Put and expecting to go down as well.


Well today, due to my impatience I exited early in the Put and ended up in loss. Glad I came out early on the Call. But that resulted in loss as well.

Open Interest seems to be increased on the Call side more and that’s the reason, why there is still no clear picture on the move.


It’s clear that Bank Nifty is gonna get down for the upcoming days. Appreciate the way how the bulls fought back at 13 day Moving average and they gave a tough fight.

Next support comes at the 20 day Moving average which is at 25089.

Personal Note: Though I got a put option and squared off at a good amount. I entered at the wrong time for the same put option again and waiting for the next downpour. Hopefully, will exit at the correct time


To add where the Option writers are putting in the money,

Significant amount of call writing happened across the strike prices above the In the Money options. Also, small of amount of put writing can be seen at 24900


Any BANKNIFTY Expert here???


Post your query. If anybody is willing to answer, they wud reply!


Today in Cash Segment:
FII’: bought 2576.98 Crs
DII’s: Sell 1.3 Crs.

What we are missing here?
Smart FII are planning what?


Nos. r distorted due to huge deal between UBS Asia (fii) and promoter sale (nettle infra)


23NOV Bank nifty options are more active than 16NOV , so its better to concentrate there


That’s fishy… Not sure what’s in store. Anyone got idea why this happened ?


May be that’s true. We got a see stock specific action


That’s strange. I could barely see the 23 NOV options.