Weekly Banknifty Options


I learnt that NSE is introducing weekly contracts for BankNifty from 27-May-16.

Just wondering since Nifty is the most traded F&O underlying and BankNifty is the next most traded F&O contract why was weekly options not introduced for Nifty? Was there any particular reasons?

Is it likely that weekly contracts would be introduced in Nifty too in near future?


Yes, Nifty options are widely traded and the volumes are much higher in Nifty than in Bank Nifty. Maybe this is one of the ways in which the Exchange wants to increase volumes in Bank Nifty. If it’s successful, maybe then the weekly options can be introduced for Nifty contracts also.

We’ll never know why NSE introduced it only for BNF, this is just my assumption.

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Yes, very soon we are going to see flood of weekly options on Index & Stocks. 

In other developed nations, weekly options are available for trading on index as well as stocks to help traders hedge and take short term positions according to market conditions.Also, apart from weeklies, there are long term options on index and stocks are also available for trading to take big time positions by paying loss cost.

So, weeklies and long term options will be there on Indian Exchanges very soon. As they have numerous benefits as detailed below: -

  1. Low Cost Trades
  2. Better Control on Trades
  3. Opportunity to Trade as per market moves 4 times a month
  4. Trade Major Events with Less Risk
  5. Opportunity for Small Trader
  6. Reduced Spread between Bid & Ask Prices
  7. Increased Commissions & Income to Exchange, Brokers
  8. Keep in Sync with developed Markets

A Win-Win Situation for Every One.

I have explained in detail in the Q&A below about the benefit of introducing the weekly bank nifty options.

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will zerodha provide mis trade on weekly bank nifty options