Weekly Currency derivative options margin release on expiry days


I trade in currency derivative weekly and monthly expiry days. The trading stops at 12:30 p.m. Many times I have some open positions epecially in options sell in the expired contracts that block my margin at the close of trading.

I have come to know that the clearing corporation releases the expired contract magin to the brokers by 2 pm on these days.

But here at zerodha i have no option to get my margin back by 2 pm the same day, so that i can trade in F&o contracts later that day.

Please try to correct this as it will result in me efficiently use my margin.



Hi @Rishi7,

We had tried to omit the expired contracts to release the margin but NSCCCL 2PM SPAN comes with expired contracts and there are complex hack to make changes internally.

Having said, will try if there is any alternate to solve this, will update in this thread.

Thanks @Ananth for replying and taking the effort to solve the issue.

Meanwhile till you donot find the solution can it be possible if you can have a process to get the margin increased manually on request over the phone.

Request you to please create a ticket on: http://support.zerodha.com with more details, we will get it checked and respond accordingly.

@Ananth @nithin

Any update on relesing the margin as we cannot trade on friday on other contracts post 12:30 pm due to the margin block on weekly currency expired contract

Not yet, we had experimented few alternatives but it didn’t work as expected. As I said, this is very hacky since exchange SPAN file itself has the expired contracts so need some more time on this, will keep this thread updated once we have solution.

@Ananth @Nithin

I donot have issues if it is done manually till the time. You need to undertand my issue that margin gets blocked due to this and now having sensex expiry too later this day am unable to trade there after the expiry of the currency contract.

I am just asking you to follow the rules of SEBI. When the clearing corporations are releasing the margin intraday why cant it be given to the client the same time. how can a broker hold the margin in his account for the rest of the day without giving the benefit rightly deserved to the client.

Please clearify as my local broker does not have issues in giving me the margin intraday.

it has been very frustrating to talk to your customer support as they keep on deniying it to do manually.

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also i got with call with the NSE clearing coorporation right now and they confirmed that the margin is released to the brokers in the after noon after they receive the RBI reference rate.

@nithin @Ananth

today i was denied the margin released even manually. i can not trade post afternoon despite me having free margin,

i am suffering huge losses. please do something urgently

As we have cross checked (screenshot of SPAN file in the same thread), margins are not releasing and its a same SPAN file for all. Manually releasing for every individual clients is not doable and also we had instance where margin captured short for expired contracts so we are awaiting clarity on margin report part as well.

As said earlier, this is better to be done at CC level SPAN file instead of broker’s finding a way out but still we tried couple of method to find a solution but there are hiccups so need to be tested with caution, if we find any solution will keep posted in this thread.

Until there is a solution, it is better to exit from your end before 12:30pm so that margins get released instantly.

but exiting the position will incur a loss of a tick and in my case with heavy position it will be huge.

I have the contracts that are OTM nad they will settle at zero so why pay to exit with loss.

Also here i am asking for the rightfull margin. I have already talked to the clearing corporation and NSE and they have said that the margin is released intraday between 2 to 2:30 depending on the reference rate receiving timing.

The span file has nothing to do with it as here the issue is with my individual margin not global. i understand that the span file will help you to automate this process but here this is an exception.

my request is just to allow me to trade beyound the margin release from the exchange.

Today I have positions and thats why i am requesting you to do it manually for the last time as it has been done for the past many weeks

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Reiterating, this has to witness in SPAN file and its not about global, every individual portfolio margin is calculated based on NSCCL SPAN.

We understand and we had helped until last week but there was margin penalty charged so we are waiting clarification on that part. Request you to please wait for our update on this thread.

i understand that it is calculated on span but only for live position and not expired position.

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so in turn you are saying that the exchage does not release the margin to you by afternoon?

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Yes and that turns out to be shortfall in peak margin in case if we internally release the margin from our end.

this is a pure contradiction on the part of the exhnage rule, if true nsccl cannot consider expired contract in peak margin!!

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Hi Rishi,

Am also facing the same issues and escalated multiple times.

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Correct exiting earlier on a quantity of 10k is loss of Rs 25000 as minimum exit ticker is .0025

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