Weekly & Monthly time frame in Streak

Hi team Streak,
Can you enable Weekly & Monthly time frame feature in the creat strategy & scanner in your Streak platform.

@Streak can you.

Hi @Rakesh_Kumar3 ,

This is already available under the Multitimeframe completed function.

In the mobile app maxims show 1 day time frame/candle interval?
Weekly & Monthly time frame/candle interval not available.

I wrote it is available under the Multitimeframe completed function, not under the timeframe selection dropdown.

Hi team Streak,
Thanks for the above reply.
If any possibility in near future, the Weekly & Monthly timeframe selection/candle interval will be available in the Streak platform(i.e. under the creat strategy/candle interval & scanner/timeframe selection feature)?

You can implement conditions using the MTF and MTF completed function currently. The options has been kept like that for a reason. It will be better if you write to [email protected] with your requirement and the team will create and send the condition.