Weekly Trading Dairy: 16th April 2018 to 20th April 2018


Could not maintain goal of staying net profitable.


Sad for you Bro, what is your starategy to enter into a trade?


Not bad for today…



Candlestick patterns, Fibonacci retracements and sometimes moving average crossovers.


hmm ok… try to use them in Top gainers/losers in nifty 50 bro, the chances of success will be more… and for time being limit the number of trades


What time frame you use for candlestick patterns?
Any specific entry criteria?
How do you filter stocks please?


15 mins chart.
Entry criteria based on formations (eg. If there’s a flag formation in an uptrend, I try to enter as soon as I see a breakout).
Also sudden volume spikes are considered.
I try to study almost all Nifty 50 stocks’s charts night before for sto k selection (especially top gainers losers).


Thanks. What about the best time of the day to trade or avoid trading?


Please don’t follow my advice.
I am only making losses.


Last time Indian market had shown its chamak on INFY stock, this time US market has shown its chamak on INFY…:money_mouth_face::wink:
Better to buy INFY jahan se Sikka ka Kissa khatam hua…


Here is the one fr u on a lighter note……

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Started the day early with a 4k loss, but covered up with the rest of the trades. 4 intraday trades and the rest were stocks that I had bought over the last two weeks. I also made an imaginary 45k by papertrading INFY :slight_smile:

P.s Yes, The trades were backed by margin, but it is a calculated risk with rock solid stop losses.


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used my same old strategy it is working fine for me


How much Capital deployed??



Simple trend following, 1 lot each


Intraday trade alert: 17 April, 2018

Total profit : around 0.3 R = 30 rs ( without brokerage+ charge) (0.1%)


I didn’t trade because of fucking Zerodha.

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