Weekly Trading Dairy: 16th April 2018 to 20th April 2018


Good day for me😊.




This is my small account and capital was only Rs-830.17% return on capital.

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Are u using break out strategy or other strategy??


I have my own strategy.Breakouts are very common.

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OK…Do u have any target or u exit at the market price??

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I do have targets but I modify it seeing the how the price momentum is gaining up.M y target on ITC was achieved but Zerodha didn’t execute the exit and I manually exited and lost some profit because of Zerodha technical issue.


Ok how do u select stock??

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I select stocks based on several factors.It depends on news as well as technical analysis the day before trading.



Sad to see ur screenshot :cry::cry:…Please do paper trading and start with a small amount like even RS.500,Rs.1000 after gaining confidence come to market…

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So, You still making Loss Consistently.


Yes with 90% success rate.
The more i learn, more loss i make.

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Bro.Trade with small capital.Dont think that you can be a millionaire by increasing capital.you are Clearly overtrading.


Not trying to be a millionaire, just trying to recover my previous losses.

I tried trading with small capital.
Loss is small but profit is also small.

4 times i traded with 1000 capital and it was a close to 20% profit.
That made me think if i had traded this with more capital i would have been much profitable.

When i increase capital, shit happens.

Anyways, lost too much money.
Feels like saying goodbye to the stock market.

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I made Rs.1100 with Rs.500 which is 100% return in 15days… i am little bit confident…Still i am doing with Rs.500 after two month i will start with big amount but till then i will be testing my strategy with Rs500…

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Don’t Learn More. As You Are Learning More Your Are Getting Confused.
Try To Focus On The Basic Thing You Have Already Learned And Polish Them By Trying More Practice.

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Todays quick trades after busy shedule manged to fetch 7k

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Intraday trading alerts : 26 April,2018
Today profit including brokerage= 3.8 R = 381 RS (1.21%)

( Pc is in repair so can’t post more trade details and profit without brokerage)

Profit excluding brokerage : around 340+
Risk per trade : 100 RS ( 0.3 %)
All trades executed @ 9:35 and closed @ 3:15
worktime - 25 min.