Weekly Trading Dairy: 2nd to 6th August 2021

A thread for discussing all your trades, strategies, ideas, news, stories, etc.

Updates for the coming week:

The quantity freeze limits for Index F&O contracts (BANKNIFTY, NIFTY, and FINNIFTY) will be revised from 2nd August 2021. More on this here.

It’s going to be a busy week in the primary markets as four IPOs will be opening for subscription, all four will open for subscription from 4th August and close on 6th August. Here’s all you need to know about all the IPOs :point_down:

Devyani International
Price Bank: 86 to 90 Quantity: 165 and in multiples thereof Issue Size: 1838 crores
Krsnaa Diagnostics
Price Bank: 933 to 954 Quantity: 15 and in multiples thereof Issue Size: 1211 crores
Windlas Biotech
Price Bank: 448 to 460 Quantity: 30 and in multiples thereof Issue Size: 401.5 crores
Exxaro Tiles
Price Bank: 118 to 120 Quantity: 125 and in multiples thereof Issue Size: 161 crores
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it’s going to be IPO madness in coming weeks… PolicyBazaar, Adani Wilmer and even Nykaa filed IPO papers today…

Nifty over 16k… not in our wildest dreams we would have thought markets will be here a year ago. Even before COVID caused havoc Nifty at 16k looked far far away…

A breakout after trading in range for almost two months. Where from here? :thinking: