Weekly Trading Diary 05 March 2018 to 10 March 2018


I think momentum is the life blood of any trader and he should grab it as soon as possible and move on


Yes With Discipline In Trading You Can Make Your Trading Results Awesome.


True brother…I too started like you with a cap of 500…and strictly sticked to the strategy and controlled any greed for more profit and overtrading


Yes. All The Thing Which Is The Main Is To Control Yourself For Not Losing Your Patience And To Avoid Overtrading (Which You Mentioned)


True that is…one should definitely avoid overtrading… market is not going anywhere,one can come back any other day and reap his target…




Target 1 reached…


Target 1 completed



Super…Usually at what time u ll enter the trade?



This Is My Order Book For Today


Shorted nifty (1 lot) as posted in the morning…


Toady 's up move on indices was a shorting opportunity ,( there was a news on ICICI Bank Head https://www.outlookindia.com/website/story/pnb-scam-icici-banks-chanda-kochhar-summoned-by-anti-fraud-agency-cbi-detains-gi/309148) while positing this , already BN was down -105 points, Since i am concentrating on Currency trade and also my account size is not permitting to take short positions on Nifty & BN , otherwise i would have bought 10400 nifty PUT option or 24800 BN put option so i posted my assumptions to share with other traders


Thanks Bro.





did you adjust your condor ? book profits in call side and can sell 24400 ce ( hedge it wth 24700 or 24800 ce )


today morning shorted nifty and all targets achieved…
Check out Nifty… that’s it!! (@Pravinepatil26): https://twitter.com/Pravinepatil26?s=09


Bro…I was bit busy in some other work. Meanwhile market collapsed. Unable to adjust. Let see tomorrow.


collected 290 points …
bought 24800 instead of 24700 as hedge ( can adjust one more time if mkt goes up )