Weekly Trading Diary: 18th to 22nd October 2021

A thread for discussing all your trades, strategies, ideas, news, stories etc.


Bearish on HCLTECH1! below 1223, will change view if trade above 1305.
** not for trade

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Expecting further weakness in ASIANPAINT1! below 3247 in coming sessions.will change view if trade below 3320.
** just a view, not for trade.

  • if admin permits will share some level for intraday in coming days.
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Expecting a bullish move in BHARTIARTL1! cmp is around 712.
will change view if trade below 677.

  • view is for positional, & may touch 720, 760 if the potential of this move continue.
    ** I repeat, never ever trade on this prediction as this view is only for paper trade study.

date 21 oct 2021
For intraday, KOTAKBANK1! may face resistance near 2063, can reverse towards 2020, But if it cross 2073 then it may touch 2092.
** not for trade, this is just a view.