Weekly Trading Diary: 24th to 28th May 2021

A thread for discussing all your trades, strategies, ideas, news, stories etc.

I think Traders lost interest in Some of the previous Trading diary’s ,so they died down , just to check the Traders interest , here is my trading idea for the week on "The karnataka Bank Ltd " its an idea not an advice, just sharing trading idea.
There is a break out on upside in Karnataka Bank recently at 63&67 level , Two things happened at today’s closing price of Karnataka bank , 1. closed above HMA200 day moving average 2.Reverse H&S on daily & weekly chart and closing at previous 6month high, just prior to Karnataka bank quarterly result , My trade Idea is to Buy at today’s close price for another 10% upside or expected level of 80 and close the trade & trade is in cash segment since Karnataka bank is not in FNO.

Bullish on Gold. Looks like a nice set-up to go long

only 159 days to hit 3 trillion from 2.5 trillion…

It seems to be , this thread is going to be an interesting one , expecting more traders participation , so one more trading idea for toady , on HDFC , again this is not a recommendation.
HDFC is at breakout on daily chart , and about to braek out on upside on weekly chart , trade is either by cash or through call options for the level 2700

Banks n petro shown bullishness and a handful have crossed levels. But actual question, shall we wait for confirmation if its fake breakout, or enter.

Today’s Bank nifty action dragged down the market , but stocks like TCS & INFY started moving up after a correction , my trade idea for rest of this week is long trade on these stocks , along with another stock " ISFT" ( Intrasoft Technologies ) for bit longer then this week say for a positional trade , ISFT after a long consolidation moving up with increased volume +crossed above important moving averages like 20,50,&100. all these trades are just trade ideas , disclaimer - not a recommendation.

Taken profit from HDFC call option and bought another one !!

Due to low liquidity ISFT order is not executed a desired price, ISFT closed at UC , will try to buy again :thinking:

nifty approaching previous all time high made… will be interesting what trajectory it follows from there…

Stocks like Mauti , TCS , Infy are moving up , its only the Reliance in a consolidation , i think this consolidation making Nifty in to a " make" or “Break” situation . Stock like Reliance Infrastructure had a break out on the upside and gaining strength !! , so is there any higher run up on Nifty !! who knows :thinking:

Slightly stretched trade on Infibeam Avenues , If Infibeam today’s result is good ,expecting 15 to 20% upside , fingers crossed!!!

Today I bought

Banknifty21May34600PE at Rs 1.45

And I hold the stock…

Today closing price is Rs 0.10

It will increase on tomorrow?

What is the expiry date of Banknifty21May34600PE?

If it expiry means what will be happen?

If your trade is real , you are really a retail trader !!! SEBI will scratch their head, how to protect retail traders!!! :zipper_mouth_face: :mask:

What will be happen… kindly explain…

@Vinoth123 - May expiry has already expired today (27th may 2021) as it was the last Thursday of the month. Banknifty21May34600PE expired out of money as the strike price was lower than Bank Nifty Price of ~35100 on the expiry day (27th may last Thursday of the month).
One important point stock is different from Option. Options (and Future) are derivate instruments.

I would urge you to go through all modules on varsity before indulging in options trading, please do not trade options (or futures) before going through the modules at least twice.

@Vinoth123 today is the expiry day for this option. This option won’t trade anymore.

Bank Nifty closed at 35095, your 34600 PE expired OTM and will expire worthless and you’ll lose the entire premium paid.

Would suggest you read Varsity to get better understanding about Options :slightly_smiling_face:

Today is the last day of the trading week , interesting trade ideas are Coffee day , Navkarcorp , arrest & deportation of fugitive Mehul choski making a good run on PNB , these are not a recommendation.

Upside break out in Reliance stock with an elephant candle :slightly_smiling_face: