Weekly trading diary : February Week 3 : 12 - 16 Feb, 2018

Post budget the market collapsed drastically dipping all traders. However one day it was ended green, still, it is bleeding. Hope it gives green coloured digits at the end of the day. Your ideas and suggestions may help a few so please be active in the forum, Thank you all- Raheel

Bro, there is already a thread for weekly trading.

I don’t think, it is of this week


@Lets_Invest SAIL will raise again 2mw?

Anyone holding Long or short on nifty? Whats tomorrow’s expectation?

Nifty may start with +50 points.

Yeah 10700 CE holding for long…

@nandan_priya do you hold any bank nifty lots?

@Bhuvan SGX Nifty won’t be trading tomorrow?

No … Currently Nothing in my side. Waiting to take some tomorrow for long position.

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What about SBI? Should I go short in amo?

Yeah, but with less margin