Weekly trading diary : January 2018, Week 1 : 01 Jan - 05 Jan

last week made around 10k mostly in short strangle ( once did iron butterfly and got 2k ) …
did it with 10 to 12 lots and i increased it to 13 lots today :wink:
experimenting a bit with the trading time :slight_smile:

did lots of iron condor and iron butterfly for the last 3/4 months and finally concluded that initiating the position it at 2pm is better than inititaing it at 10am …
mean most of the time i will be loss at 2pm , so its better i can initate it at 2pm

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todays intraday trades. done for the day!

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still watching if my targets 135-170 comes or not

Booked Loss in RCOMM. expected it to rise

RPower is rocking today with RNaval.

Okay, I’ll try this on weekly Expiry on Thursday.
Please let us know If you will also make some stratergy on expiry day.

probably i wont do short strangle on the options which expires on thursday , little premium to gain and risk outweighs the pft …
i am still not sure about doing short strangle or straddle on the expiry day on the next week option because of the last hour volatility …
might go long on wednesday if the premiums are less …

Nifty - Bank Nifty Pair Strategy

Buy Nifty 1 Lot @ 10550 and Sell 1 lot of Banknifty @ 25583

BankNifty - Nifty pair is currently trading at ratio of 2.425 and we assume the mean revision of the pair. We assume ratio to come down to level of 2.38. Maintain the SL of ratio to 2.45.

Something I found.

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LTP 130, high 142.

U shld not have exited in fear. Should have given some time to it. Retail traders get scared with even very little swing in markets.

P.S. WOW LTP = high = 148 now

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second target also achieved
this happens to me when i exit without system:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Moving with flow !!!

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yes bro,
some fear is still there, m trying to overcome it

1st analysis of the year

I was also pretty sure that markets will crash today but in second half. All at sudden.

HIGH = 182

Why so ?

it was not swing, it was selling coming at the level of 110, that made me exit

Hmmm. By swing, I meant little fluctuation in price. The price was swinging closely in a very short range that time.

Retail traders should not get disturbed by it in a fear.

Booked 3.5k loss overall :frowning: @Lets_Invest
Did one more straddle at 2.30 and mkt cracked

very true
i am proud of my system, and now i’ll not cut my orders before stop-loss or target and thinking of increasing my order size,