Weird order execution

Last day I bought 30 quantities of a stock intraday for 1000 rs. And kept SL limit order ( sell ) at 985 rs. Then i moved away from my system.

After 30 minues ,I came back to check positions. My buy position SL got triggered at 985 and exited.
But a sell trade executed with 30 quantities ( same as my buy trade ) on 985.

That sell trade got my at breakeven though.
Still why it happened like that. It was not meant to be like that from my side. Any help?


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Sorry if it confused you.
After my SL hit and exited buy position,
A reverse sell trade got executed as same quantity as my buy trade. And the sell trade was going on untill I bought it back on market price.

I never placed a sell order !

Not possible. Have you taken screenshots of order book, trade book, position etc?
If yes share here.

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You probably placed your sl order twice, clicked on sell order window twice by mistake.

Hi @VarunG

Looks like you might have entered with GTT. Could you please DM or create a ticket with details? Will get it checked.

I have the live video recording of it. I will get screenshots and share .

I don’t think so. I think sell order window will exit once we do the single click. Isn’t it?

Not GTT. It was MIS order so I added SL manually. Will create ticket with details. Thanks :+1:

when you place iceberg orders, it definitely doesn’t close. Can’t recall if that’s the case with regular orders too. If so,

this is probably it.

Upload to youtube and share the video in DM. That will be better.

just checked, the regular order window also doesn’t close.

If you have the video please upload it. Let’s see the problem.

Order window closes if Sticky order window isn’t enabled in My Profile section.

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Hi @VarunG, if you’ve created a ticket. You can DM me the ticket number. Will have this checked and clarified.

I have created the ticket. DM ing you the ID

Had an extensive talk with Zerodha staff. They helped all the way. Thanks @ShubhS9 for helping me and clearing the doubt.

The order at 1.49.51 was the culprit. Since the exit order punched at 1.49.38 , there was not much time for the pending next leg to get removed. At least that’s what I am understanding.

As soon as the buy trade exited , the left alone order got punched. All was happened in matter of micro seconds. There is no significant gap between 38 to 51 seconds.

Anyways , in future i seriously hope for all trading activities in a single window in zerodha. Both in handheld and PC devices. That can help is mitigate the unnecessary tab switching.

Thanks everyone