What a horrible Date format for India!

Please refer the screenshot from Zerodha console IPO :

How can number one broker in India not pay attention to such simple thing like date format that majority of Indians use: dd-mm(mmm)-yyyy ?

Now, this should not be unlisted as it is not a support request. This is just to highlight the issues of broking platforms, discuss about it so that such horrible mistakes are resolved and not repeated :slight_smile:

People can have different preferences. For me its reverse, i much prefer yyyy-mm-dd. Its sortable ! :slight_smile:


Terming something so mundane as “horrible mistake” is really overkilling it.

However, this got me a bit curious and did some searching, and found something on Wiki as follows:

looks like there is actually a standard which prescribes usage of format YYYYMMDD :stuck_out_tongue:

So maybe zerodha, hasn’t made horrible mistake. Somebody else has :wink:

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It’s because of people like you that Google was invented. So that you could avoid saying something ridiculous. I’d suggest you try it sometime.

@Neostar We are used to seeing dd mm yyyy format. Just like we use lacks and not millions. When this is changed, it does creates discomfort. You could request them to change and offer flexibility as to which type of format users would like to use.

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Wondering what is the reason YYYYMMDD is used as BIS standard.

For ex address we write as door number, street…state, country. So from most specific to least specific.

Hmm, so what you replied is not ridiculous?
BTW, why US is still using Gallons, miles instead of liters and KM ?


Well I am not an expert, so I have no idea.

But as someone pointed out YYYYMMDD is easier to sort then DDMMYYYY, maybe that can be a reason, or something else, I have no idea.

Check out what the date format on windows 11.

So, Microsoft is not but Zerodha is following :slight_smile:

BTW, hope zerodha is consistent and following all such conventions in all other cases !! :slight_smile:

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@siva As someone pointed above, can we have the option of selecting preferred date format please? We should always respect users preference wherever possible.

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always govt is right so better be DD-MM-YYYY
The guy who signed the BIS std must be an NRI. If not, then should have explained the rationale on why they are choosing the format, which I dont know at this point.

Since DD-MM can confuse someone who works across borders for 11-12 is MM-DD or DD-MM,
Lets say… MM should become J1, F2, M3, A4, M5, J6, J7, A8, S9, O0 N0 D0 (with non-duplicate starting alphabet for Oct, Nov, Dec)
so today should be 17-D0-2021 can be D0-17-2021… no confusion even if some1 changes the order of DD-MM

without bring hexadecimals yet, some thoughts that are simple.
May be even simpler and novel thoughts can be mentioned here!!


And the biggest problem is that , zerodha has DD-MM-YYYY on kite web , and MM-DD-YYYY on the kite app. And something entirely different in console. It actually making a mess for copying important dates of the stocks to excel sheet

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@siva these are things zerodha should watch out and fix plz