What a massive fall

Nifty is down 1100 points and bank nifty is down nearly 2500 points. But real pain was in midcaps and smallcaps which have crashed almost 10% in a week. Is this really covid fear related fall or is there any other trigger. …

Very scary fall

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What goes up has to come down. However it can also go back up. In hindsight we can attach news to events but really don’t you think the Nifty was overpriced at ATH and warranted a correction ?


It was over priced… A must wanted correction…

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This week was really peculiar, vix was shooting from tuesday and continuous fall .Usually, these kind of fall happens when market is near bottom but here its happening at the top. It can be liquidatation of some big institution which might have finished but doesn’t looks like as many stocks have run away gaps which denotes , fall is just starting. If next week candles is big and comes near 200 ema then it can quickly accelerate but my gut says next week market should recover.Let see!

Just getting causious here on, many trend followers or break out players must have had a great loss as this was sharp fall from top in many heavyweight scripts.

It always feel overpriced and continue to remain overpriced as well for many months. Can’t predict when the correction will occur. So your statement looks nice only after the event has occurred otherwise it holds no value.

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It was always overpriced and correction was long over due. I hope it comes to 17k again and then start it’s rally towards 20k. :love_you_gesture:

I assume it as a correction , for me market looks broadly in a range of 3000 points ,last panic low was around 17000 level , i assume Nifty will correct to that level

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I wish it fell to south of 15k so can accumulate for longer term. :pleading_face:

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Please wake up from the afternoon dreams :grin:

I was implying similar to your thoughts.

But also I guess we all can realise it when a kg of oranges is too costly and then its better to buy oranges some time later. Capitalism will present us with opportunities to buy cheaper. We just need to wait.

It was not that much of a fall in Nifty, there is no panic. Only in small/mid caps there is a bit of momentum.

To me, complacency seems high. There is a lot of ‘buy the dips’ ingrained in the market behavior after covid fall, and that has intensified in last 1 year. Esp in intraday its very clearly visible. Its also possible that market behavior has shifted permanently, hard to say. But this is against long term tendency.

Also i think lots of people are ready with their excel plan of buying at different places when market falls after seeing covid reversal ( not saying its wrong long term, just observing). Logically, market tends to test these things, so quick reversal may not happen if market crashes. Or more likely we wont crash at all - But complacency is so high …

Bit of a challenge in terms of trading. We can easily come with stories on why this is happening. Most convincing to me is that leverage has reduced so fear is less when market falls. But if historical behavior reverts, we will start seeing more sustained downside moves within a year of two probably. Meanwhile i have to adapt and manage for either case.

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Go and buy in American markets then. Bloodbath there

Retailers have matured. The immatured ones shifted to Crypto and lost everything there

Not all of them, I would say. Many are simply believing what is being told to them, they don’t know about a lot of things.

They are making the market grow and are acting like a cushion though, so :face_in_clouds:

Khali vishwas pe chal rahe hai ye log, jab vo vishwas todega, tab girega, tab tak :mountain_biking_man:

Vishwas pe to fii bhi chal raha hai. Jis din unka vishwas toota …

This vishwas is from some other people, not their own belief.

I think the Article in this post will resonate for quite a few years/decades… maybe not in India (I hope)…

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Nice pullback today. Need to see wen retest happens


Right. Today’s market conditions were good.

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