What according to you is the most undervalued asset?

So, the below question and the thread seemed interesting with quite a few different answers, having their own reasons.


An undervalued asset is one for which the market price is lower than its actual fair market value.

There are a lot of undervalued stocks trading still waiting to move up to their potential. Here, let’s not talk about the stocks but assets.

What do you think is the most undervalued asset right now?

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Clean Air

That’s a super interesting question.

I think it’s natural resources (energy) - both nature wise and individually as well.

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After reading others response, to me, personally, the most undervalued asset are my parents.

I do know this is not what the author wanted but after reading others response, my two cents on this aspect

As far as financial asset is concerned, the most under rated (i would say not undervalued) are our FIXED DEPOSITS, post office mis, kissan vikas patra ( not sure if it still exists)

Disc. My personal view

Damm! did not expect such deep thought replies. Nice to see the awareness about the things that need to be valued more apart from just an asset.

High-interest rate Fixed Deposits are very valuable assets!

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I agree. Do not really find them to be undervalued or underrated. If no awareness, the first thing major chunk of the populations park their money is into Bank.

However, you may have your own reasons for you to believe this. After all, what we value and what we do not in the financial world comes only after experiences.


I see many people become linguistic philosopher form a trader, what could be said in four words they stretch para out of it,

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This is such a stupid question.

Why would i tell you what asset is undervalued. I would be busy buying it.

you’re not obliged to say, move on if you want

hey, you asked the question.

But this being a public forum, you cannot ask someone to move on and not answer.

Money management and trading psychology. They are quite underrated.

Money management:- without money management it really doesn’t matter how high income is or how much profit was made, everything will fail if there is no money management. This carries for life as well. I see so many people chasing higher pay/ income but never realise the amount of pointless debt and liabilities they take or the increase in their lifestyle inflation .

Trading psychology:- we can just call it psychology. This quite carries for life. Because this is the engine that turns the money management. Reading some books and videos helps. Below books helped me making a big mindshift. I would recommend it to others too

  1. Rich dad poor dad by robert kiyo saki( understanding basics of assets and liability , cash flow patterns)

  2. Four hour work week by Tim Ferris

  3. How the economic machine works - video by Ray dalio to understand fiscal policy and govt better

  4. Hidden secrets of money - videos by mike maloney to understand monetary system and keyensian economics of inflation

  5. Discipline equals freedom by jocko willink ( best book for discipline )


Also undervalued.

@raoawesome personally, I super agree with you. If learned and applied well, what an asset these both could turn out to be in the longer run. After all, the wealth that stays with you after you earn it is directly/indirectly a result of your management and emotions towards it.

Thanks for the reads though.

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Personal Finance Knowledge and Skills

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Going through thread, looks like lot of people are confused in difference between “undervalued asset” and “valuable asset” :slight_smile: