What app do you use for managing your portfolio?

I’m doing some research on building a portfolio management app for stocks and crypto. If you can help me out with the apps/services that you use that would be really helpful.

Some of my thoughts of features that would be useful to me:

  1. Lightweight and simple portfolio management with performance tracking.
  2. Privacy (apps like moneycontrol sell your data).
  3. Programatic syncing portfolio using kite or other API (possible?).
  4. Set custom alerts and watchlist.

Please add your suggestions and what would be interesting to you. I’m really interested if you had any problems in using your existing apps.

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I made everything on my own.

It will be quite a long story. It took me nearly three years to come to where I am now. In India, You do not have lots of Softwares, and Trading Community is still not vibrant in open-source coding.

Like, for example, Look at Binance Eco System!


The Problem:

Assume this scenario - You have 10 Lot BankNIFTY ATM CE PE sell and huge volatility stroke the market. And, let’s say Zerodha is not working. Despite their amazing tech stack, this can happen. It is not broker’s responsibility. We need to be responsible and aware of this fact as well.

What you will do?

The Solution:

Here is What I do - I check which broker is working on that immediate point and shoot my stop loss trade there. Many people have a strange compulsion of making profit in every account. I am happy that one account makes a 1L loss and another made 1.2L profit. Its net 20K profit. The entire money is mine anyways.

But human psychology taught us otherwise.

How this Solution can be implemented?

I ended up developing a multi-broker API module. I call it Pinakin System. Like Many People watch porn in their free time, I code. I am quite an introvert guy which I need to state to explain why I have strange urge to nomenclature my modules like Pinakin. Like Gilfoyle’s Anton?

Pinakin is Shiva’s bow and it can shoot the ultimate arrows to all good brokers.

So far, because of RESI API, I am able to integrate NSE (I Know NSE is not a broker, But there is much stuff you can do), Zerodha, Upstox, Aliceblue, Sas, Angel Broking, Fyers, 5paisa seamlessly.

What does it do?

I needed more robust functions. I have explained one such function.

Here is another one -

Zerodha’s order structure and positions structure is awesome but Alice blue and SaS online will give a super headache with glitchy platform! It has only MTM and You need to memorize your original selling price in your head. Why anyone will like that?

I have completely redesigned everyone to uniform output. In this case - You can see lots of trades. This is an options system that is mapped to a pledged margin.

The 0.00/0.00 means it is properly hedged. So by quick glance I know that if I need to look at the positions in a more detailed way. It tells I have made 2972.74 in put options and 101 in call options. Both are separate systems. PnL and MTM are there.

Now Zerodha doesn’t give MTM.

So I coded it.

Now you can tell by quick glance that it has 2 lot of PE and 2 lots of CE open. Easy right?


This is just started. It goes far deep.

Like, How many times you thought you need these functions like -

  1. Close all NIFTY/BankNIFTY trades of this expiry immediately.

  2. Retake the old trades back (Like let’s say you had all closed on volatile events and reopened after the event.)

  3. Track all the futures and check their risk?

  4. Check delta of entire portfolio. Automatic rebalancing of BN/N options based on the delta. The way most of the people in India code delta is also very weird. As the US does with 100 qty assumption, We do the same. That’s not correct right? (Read more here - https://unofficed.com/lessons/delta/)

  5. Keep SL based on Gamma.

  6. Tally all intraday setups live and check their consolidated PL?

More importantly - SAVE TAX.

My dad gets tons of rent in his name. So that means, tons of TDS. I have also another problem which is - I am AP/MP/Sub broker/Strategic Partner/…[Insert lots of SEBI licenses] but I can not use my name.

I am a college dropout of a reputed college. So I am 12 pass. Later I did unlimited IGNOU degrees to get licenses and stuff but that doesn’t matter. The regulations are very tough to handle. That’s another headache.

Most of my friends of whose name the license are and My parents doesn’t know and care anything about the market. My friends are a nerd. My parents don’t want me to do any work.

So I make a calculated loss in dad’s account because he needs to have an unlimited loss to get TDS back. Anyways, I better shut up here. Or, I will be banned.

So I did that too.


NLP and Tradingview

https://in.tradingview.com/u/Amit_Ghosh/ This is my tradingview profile. You will find I write in a very concise format. Like [Intraday] [3bb]. If you know python and NLP, You know what I am trying to do here.

Trader bearishbull1968 — Trading Ideas & Charts — TradingView India Now this is another guy. The only “recommendable” guy I know from that community. He will always post in a similar format. Proper entry with SL and Target. His targets are defined too.

You can check his past 100 trades. He is a profitable trader. In tradingview you can not delete your past trades or you can not photoshop screenshots. Milk and Water are separated! You can also see my trades and see my major mistakes. Anyways, This is the module. Most traders post in a predictive format. (Let’s not talk about the painter ones.)




Do you know if you buy 1L worth of Reliance and pledge it? You will get some amount as margin after haircut %. Assume its 20%. So, 80K?

But You need to put another 80K to trade with this. You can not also buy options. Also, You need to pledge and unpledge it. So if you want to immediately sell it, You can not do that. You need to unpledge first.

But in Angel Broking and Alice You do not need too!

Just buy the stocks and You get haircut amount immediate. Also, You can use the full 80K immediately.

But, here is the kicker, if you go to huge negative balance, Zerodha will wait a lot before cutting the position. Also, they will not report to NSE immediately on that day itself! The other brokers will! Zerodha cares a lot about the customers.

Each broker varies in their own different way. So, if you’re doing a covered call model. Different brokers will yield different and huge significant outcomes.

Options Selling

  • I bet You didn’t know that although Aliceblue gives the highest intraday margin; they also take highest positional margin?

  • Zerodha takes the lowest positional margin.

  • Upstox gives highest margin benefit!

These data are based on today’s date and time as I am writing.

Here is another kicker -

If you do intraday trade in Fyers and Zerodha. Tally the data after 1 month. You will see You have lost significant money in Fyers in slippage alone. The MKT order’s average execution time is highest in Fyers. I don’t want you to believe me. You can check yourself.

Now, coming to the original point - Now imagine balancing this chaos properly with their pros and cons.


Somehow I ended up with a good community of my own. And, because of the coders there,

I can automate Chartink

I can automate Screener

The screener is an amazing site. I automate coffee can stocks. The Coffee Can Portfolio - Stock to invest for 10 years - Unofficed

I have code to automate Streak. Thanks to some guy haha. But I never liked indicators much and my system is already developed with chartink. In future, I may explore streak strategies more.

Couple other small mini-sites that I don’t want to name. They are better to stay hidden.

You must be thinking I am nuts. Maybe I am but I am still exploring a lot. I recently made clusters where I have divided the main capital into small clusters.

Here is you can see 20 strategies (You can call models) are running on a 50L capital. They are all properly named. This is the BN cluster. You may see small flukes of intraday trades; they are core-satellite model (Not core-satellite which people talk. It’s my own term. It will need another long post to explain.

Please don’t focus on 1L MTM. I do not belong to the twitter billionaire group of massive MTMs. Yesterday it was in galactic loss. As you can see PNL is just 30K. And, all trades are posted in my TView and shared well ahead in my slack channel.

So, This is just the execution part of trades. Sorry for the long post. The market is choppy tonight. I have unlimited time to pass my boredom apart from praying the trade to move to hit SL or TP.

  • You can do more than that. You can check from the screener of their ratios. Also, You can check from the market mojo.
  • Heck, You can automate and auto SIP on sites like market mojo or in your own made screeners.

Why Moneycontrol? Everyone will love to sell your data bro. Haha.

InfluxDB supports subscriptions.

There is n number of solutions for this.

The correct approach is to stream data from NSE, Zerodha, and couple, other brokers, into a DB and stream from there. I know I wrote to kill an ant with the elephant but still - It will be super lag proof! (Unless you need superior and detailed real-time management, You can just scrap NSE)

It is one-liner if you have LTP.

If (LTP>X): Send alert to your telegram + Whatsapp + Email + … wherever you want.

  • Create equity fundamental watchlist using screener.in. It’s super simple and less clutter.
  • Create FNO watchlist using chartink

Regarding Scanners. I made my own scanners on the weird terms I personally like. You will not have table from “Highest Maxpain Difference” in anywhere in the world.

I love to track stocks that has highest deviation from their Maxpain.

This is just one tool. There are dozen tools like this in the site itself. You can explore. They are all free and coded from scratch with flair of modification of my rationally irrational thoughts.

Wow, thanks for such a detailed post (although I’m still trying to understand most of it!).

I’ve been only into crypto, especially Bitcoin only so a lot of this is new to me. Also I think you misunderstood what I wanted.

My intention is to be only a dashboard, not performing trades. In crypto I use Blockfolio which is a good tool to keep track of portfolio in all cryptocurrencies, I can connect it to the exchange I use (binance, bitmex) so it will automatically sync all my balances from there so I don’t have to manually update the balances in the app. My question was if it was possible to get your current positions from whichever broker services you are active on using some form of auth keys. So as a user you just have to enter your keys on the app and your latest portfolio from all your brokers will be automatically synced. Since you mentioned about the multi-broker thing you made(Pinakin, nice name btw) I guess this should be possible?

I’m still understanding this, so just waiting to learn more. My skills are with computers and design, so trying to make use of it by solving some problems for people in share market.

For Crypto, technology is superior. Its like Windows 10 where NSE technology stack and RMS flow (How can you beat isolated margin concept and asset lending in full transparency) is Windows XP.

Yes. Its rest API.

You can code in any format you want.

Do not try to make anything for Indian Share Market. The securities regulations here are too arbitrary, The process is too slow. The struggle is too steep.

Here is one - Tradingview can make leaderboard with people posting trades. Zerodha can not! It is so stupid. If Zerodha wants to do it, all users need to be RIA.

Degree for changing electric bulb lol.

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