What are accepted form of despots for 45 lakh requirement of Alpha Membership of NSE

I am trading with SASOnline and they have very low brokerage plan. But i face problem in trading like in FNO rollover, or trading in banned FNO scripts for intraday. Also their RMS Policy is not good. So i want to take alpha membership.

I want to know if i can deposit shares or FDs as 45 lakh requirement for alpha membership of NSE including Cash and FNO markets.

Also, what kind of software / trading terminal we get. Are there any charges for it and are there any annual charges of NSE (apart from the transactional charges).

I have few other friends also trading with SAS and together i think we can make a firm and take this membership as they give 50 ids to us.

Check this NSE link for all details. 

The Rs 45 lk requirement is in cash, so you can't deposit Shares or FD's. NSE  gives NOW platform for free, atleast for now. No other charges, btw there is an annual subscription charge of Rs 50,000 and Rs 1lk minimum transaction charge that has to be paid upfront. You would also  need to tie up with a clearing member, clearing charges would be separate. 

Even if you become a member, you will not be able to trade on scrips in ban period during F&O. If you are a member, you have to have 100% F&O margin in your account, exchanges won't give any additional intraday leverage and all (this is offered by the broker). 

@nithin ,

Can you please clarify regarding the margin requirement in NSE Alpha vs Broker based.
Say for naked selling Options Ex Bank Nifty 1 lot.

Margin = SPAN + Exposure
I understand that SPAN is stipulated by Exchange and Exposure is determined by broker.
For NRML , Selling Bank Nifty Option 1 Lot (40units)
SPAN = 25000 * 40 * 3% = 30,000
Exposure = 30,000
Total : 60,000 approx

Zerodha says , that the Intraday is .4 of NRML
It shows around 24000 (60000 * .04)
Which is even lesser than SPAN alone.
But why does SPAN margin show differently at around 12000 in the Kite Dashboard.
Is SPAN margin for Intraday lower than NRML.

If I become a NSE alpha member , how much fund would I need to place with clearing member to be able to sell 1 lot of Bank Nifty options Intraday.
Being a direct member should have some benefit in this regard ?