What are API for getting fundamental data for stocks trading in NSE India ( free or paid)

I have tried alpha-vantage and I think they have removed fundamental data support for NSE or India stocks.
I know I can get the information from money control but that would include web scraping which I am not sure is legal.
I just want the last 10 years fundamental data (income statement, balance sheet, p&l statement) in machine readable format (dataset) and not pdf .
This is for personal consumption but ready to pay.
Does anyone know from where do money control get their data api from ?

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Hi, I am looking for the same, Although there is Yfinance that provides data for indian stocks, it won’t provide you more than 4 years of data. You can use that if it helps. If you find something better, kindly share it in the comments.

Any luck ?

You can check BSE Python APIs: bsedata · PyPI

For only 200 stocks you won’t be able to get data via this API as these are listed only on NSE.