What are continuous futures charts that I see on Kite?


is zerodha provide historical f&o data like bank nifty 9th nov 25500 data or nifty 28 sep 17 2600 data or in commodity
aluminium april 17 data for analysis. if provide how i get & use it. If not are we import data of nse or other wessite to kite or pi for offline analysis.


Continuous futures data isn’t available for commodities yet but We are working on this available.


bhuvanesh ji by click continoud data in chart display in kite i get aluminium coninous data from 2013.but you said “Continuous futures data isn’t available for commodities yet but We are working on this available” what is it.


When we select continuous chart and save preferences and when we open back that future chart ,we have to select again and again continuous chart for each time when you open a future chart.
So why this preferences are not saved for all or any particular chart ??


Preferences will be saved but for as continuous are only for daily charts this is not saved, will look in to this.


Yes please look into this :raised_hands:
Also watchlist in kite which has 5 different list available and like i have added Reliance stock in my 2 watchlist and did analysis and drawing on that stock in my 1st watchlist then when i open reliance stock which is added in 2nd watchlist then all drawing which i made in 1st one also show in that 2nd one which i dont want because chart lags when we have made drawing on larger timeframe and using smaller timefram chart for intraday.
So i want to draw for intraday only on that same stock but from different watchlist but due to default feature , i am not able to do so .
See attachments:-
1st watchlist in which Nifty index is selected

Now 2nd watchlist in which also i have added Nifty Index. And now i want different drawing on this chart which is not possible due to same default drawing shows in it ,and if i change in this then 1st watchlist chart drawing also chages.

So please help.



That is how it is, may not be possible to change it.


It means you will not have same stock with 2 different drawing in kite app ?


Not possible.



I don’t see this option under the currency segment, however i do see it in Commodities and Equity. Kindly advise.



Not available for currencies.


@nithin & @siva can you please answer this… ? On each expiry the premium on Nifty FUT will be zero and on the next day when you use the near month contract there will be some premium on the FUT contract.

I’m guessing that a roll factor hasn’t been applied and that is why this feature has not been applied to commodities where some quarterly contracts exist and the bump in premium after expiry will be huge, which’ll show up as gap up on every expiry.


Can check this.
Continuous is also available for mcx.


@nithin sir, its great to have continuous chart for futures. I was waiting for this for a long time.
I would also like to request you to have Open Interest chart / indicator on futures chart.
Hope we will have this Open Interest indicator / chart very soon.
Thank you.


In our list of things to do.


Requested access for the gsheet… Thanks for clarifying about commodities.