What are DVR shares?

DVR (Differential voting rights) shares are common Equity shares, the only difference is in the voting rights of investors. This kind of shares are issued mainly to dilute the voting rights & hostile takeovers. The issuence of these kind of shares are very rare, these are illiquid stocks. Companies issued these shares are Gujarath NRE coke, Tatamotors, Pantaloon etc.

I think in US these are issued frequently, one company which I know is Berkshire Hatway.

These are also known has Low grade stocks.

DVR Shares - “Differential voting right”

Refer the following link - https://www.sptulsian.com/article/67264

Dude are you sure. Can’t believe Berkshire Hathway can be known as a low grade stock for any reason

i mean apart from the EQ shares they have also issued a DVR shares. I didn’t mean those are low grade shares. We know that EQ series is a high grade shares, if the same is issued with BE series what do you say? isn’t it a low grade compared to EQ?