What are good strategies for long term investment?

What are the good strategies for the long term investment?
Apart from fundamental analysis, how to use the charts for long term investment?
Are these good approach:
Find a stock that’s fundamentally good
Check monthly, weekly chart, buy near resistance & hold.


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as a general rule what i do is buy in my existing positions when there is a dip (provided that the fundamentals are still strong) i have a look on tradingview.com for the price action and aim to place an order on the lowest price.

I see the monthly chart of the stock for the maximum lookback period. Than I compare it with the EPS growth chart or Sales Growth chart.

Monthly chart gives you lots of perspective and than EPS growth is real growth in the company. Give it a try and you will learn a lot.

Thanks. Will try toys out

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although this article is about stock screener which can help you find good stocks
but this does not provide technical indicators

but if yo want to really learn you should definetely check this list
for proven strategies (meetinvest) best thing is totaly free

now it’s better you read and understand the strategies first, rather blindly following this in meetinvest.

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Selecting good investment candidate basis its fundamentals, and then entering it using higher time frame Demand/Institutional buying levels could be a nice strategy. Personally, I use it a lot.


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You are listing good rules for that approaches anyway, I do really hope something will really be done like that anyway. Sure select something solid with less corellation and invest in it. Or in several things like that. A bit risky way is to go with company like google.