What are liquid BeEs?

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Liquid BeES are exchange traded funds (ETF’s), that trade just like a share. The objective of the fund is to enhance returns and reduce price risk, and this is done by investing into a basket of call money, short term securities and money market instruments of short maturities while maintaining safety and liquidity.

The returns are mostly positive, yeilding between 4 to 10% annually, based on demand for money when you invested into the fund.

Daily NAV of this fund, the price at which it trades on the exchange remains at Rs 1000, you can also read this : http://tradingqna.com/91/liquidbees-value-doesnt-vary-1000-spite-having-good-volumes?show=112#a112



any other link available, this one http://www.benchmarkfunds.com/gs/Documents/GSLiquidBeESPresntation.pdf
doesn’t seem to work.

i got this from quora

Though i am still trying to understand how this works

What are the pros and cons differences amongst the three : i.e. : liquidbees; liquidfunds; overnight funds