What are mutual funds charges by zerodha?

So according to this article https://tradingqna.com/t/stamp-duty-to-be-applicable-on-mutual-fund-transactions-from-july-1-2020/82535 mfs transactions at zerodha include transaction charges of Rs. 100 + stamp duty of 0.005% + transfer of securities 0.015%. I want to know what all charges are there for the first time, in every installments and at the time of redeeming?

There are no charges for buying and selling mutual funds through Coin.

Stamp Duty is charged by the government and is applicable on purchase of mutual funds and is charged at 0.005% of the investment value.

The stamp duty of 0.015% is applicable if you do off-market transfer.

ok so there are no other charges other than stamp duty right?

So if suppose I want to start investing in more than one mutual fund, so for every mutual fund stamp duty would be applicable?
And would it be applicable only for the first time or for every sip of each one.


Yes, your ever investment stamp duty will be applicable.

For every SIP.

ok thanks mate!