What are some good websites to track the commodities market's news?

What are some good websites that I can visit regularly to get all the latest updates on the commodities market?

One can refer below websites for news on commodities.

For Metals https://www.lme.com/

For Energy http://www.forexfactory.com/

You can refer here :

select from the list and you will get the performance


Important tips for the stock market traders -

  1. Do a proper research before entering the market. Plan your trade in order to face future uncertainties.
  2. Do analyse of your weakness and strengths, this will help you to deal with sudden market movement. If you know your strengths you can use them in future.
  3. Diversification of stocks is one of the important strategies a trader can use to manage risk and control loss in the market. Suppose if you are not making money in one stock then you still have other option to recover the loss.
  4. Every trader cannot do all the necessary things alone, means taking help of a leading sebi registered investment advisor for the better investment guidance is good, this will help them to choose right stock at the right time.
  5. an investor should first do paper trader before starting actual trading.
  6. Keep your emotions away while trading in the market because it could lead a trader toward wrong directions. In commodities, they also have different packages just like gold and silver tips, mcx tips and many. An investor can choose according to his choice.
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The daily newspaper will help in the case, or if you do not have much time you can also check online websites of economic times or money control. They daily provide article and news related to commodities. Many brokers also provide research report and analysis support to their clients for better performance. A trader can also take help of leading sebi registered investment advisor for commodity investment guidance. It will improve profit results and increase the confidence of traders.

A commodity market is a market that trades in the primary economic sector rather than manufactured products, such as cocoa, fruit, and sugar.

I guess you are aware of the basics of the commodity market. If not, you can learn commodity market with a simple online course.

About tracking websites, you are some of them -

  • Market Watch

  • Money Control

  • StockEdge

  • Hindu Business Online

Hope this helps!!